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That’s the name of your new metal band, but also the theme for today’s post.

I’m staying away from every site that might spoil me about the series finale of LOST before I get the chance to watch it, so I’m a bit limited in my search for interesting stuff. Engine Ingestion will have to do.

Engine Ingestion doesn’t have a wikipedia page to explain it for me, but from what I’ve gathered it’s the technical term for things, mainly people, being sucked into aircraft engines. That being said, DON’T CLICK THE LINKS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE GORE. There be chopped up people in there. I have however not posted any photos in the actual post, so if you just want to read it’s safe.

This is what’s left of a mechanic that got sucked into a Boeing 737 engine (photos). It’s not upsetting in the sense that it’s gory, but seriously, I dare you to look at it and not be impressed/terrified of the powers those engines have. There’s truly nothing left  except a splattered slushie of human. Hopefully he went in head first and never felt a thing, but there were still passengers on the plane who saw the accident happen. O_O Story (no pics).

Actually it seems like Boeing 737 is a bloody murdering machine. I’d make a remark about selling the idea to Stephen King about airplanes coming to life and eating people through their engines, but I haven’t read all his books yet and from those I’ve read it’s possible that he has already written something like that. I mean, he’s written about possessed wranglers killing people after getting a taste of blood, and there’s the Buick 8 from another dimension that did some nasty things, and I’m sure a several other objects. Anyhow, according to this article (no photos), there have been 33 reported ingestions of personnel into an engine on 737-100/-200 airplanes since 1969.

A few years ago a worker in China had the same thing happen to him. :S The article (no photos) mentions that he was wearing white clothes when he was sucked into the engine, which makes the photo of the incident a bit more unnerving. It’s difficult to really understand that this used to be a human being. If I’m reading the article right though there was larger parts of the corpse that made it through the engine which you can’t see in the photos.

And fuck choppers too! I will never go near a chopper! There supposedly a case of a guy with a ponytail who walked too close to the hind blades of a chopper and got his scalped ripped straight off his scull. I couldn’t find the story or photos of that, but here’s photos of a chopper decapitation. I seriously hope I don’t have to warn you that it’s gory.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to end this horrible post on a good note, but here’s a clip of a man who got sucked into an engine… and survived! It has a video of the event too.


I just finished reading an article about outbreaks of the dancing epidemic and other forms of mass trance. There’s a more detailed article on a laughter epidemic in 1962 too.



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Nic Cage only eats animals that have dignified sex.

He’s such a special little snowflake.

I have to take care of tiny children next week so I’m going out tonight with a friend to get some of that immature and irresponsible out of me.

The only reason I’m typing right now is because I’m trying to stay up till 10 pm so I can go to sleep (went up 5:20 am to catch a train back from visiting my family during the weekend and I have a cold 😦 ).

Here’s a list about something something something:

1. Hartwig Hausdorf (nice name by the way) is obviously a German dude but actually educated, thinks that the reason Voyager 2, an unmanned probe that has been in space since 1977, has been taken over by aliens.

2. Eye piercings… what are the chances it will become infected? ;P

3. Speaking of eyes, ever heard of the term vodka eyeballing? I was going to email an article about it to a friend in hope of scaring him off doing stupid shit like that, but to be honest I was afraid he might see it as a dare.

4. Someone made a program which detects written sarcasm. Cool.

My younger sister’s boyfriend burned off some of my arm hair with a lighter after I dared him and her to google “blue waffle”.

I kind of deserved it, but it was still worth it.

I was embarressingly inactive during my team meeting today because I kept getting distracted by the thought of sex.

I just felt like sharing this vital bit of information.

I haven’t been updating much the last few days and I’m planning on changing that. Until then, cheers.

OK, real quick now:

1. Chicken burger USB hub

I’m hawtlinking today so lets see if it stays up. You can buy if from Brando here. Personally I’m planning on buying some cans of kidney beans and some tomato sauce this month instead (I’m all out).

2. Real dolls for non-sex reasons are kind of creepy, too.

^ Medical birth simulator. There’s an entire list filled with weird medical models over here, you should check it out.

3. This deserves some attention.

^ pretty amazing concept.