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My Spanish isn’t good, so the only thing I understood was basically “It is good” and “I like you”. Or at least that’s what I think they said. I think this clip might be better if you don’t understand what’s being said,- that way you’re even more mystified. I couldn’t embed it properly so I think you have to click the link. It’s “mature” because it contains breasts but not in a sexual way (I hope).
Mathilda May – La Teta y la Luna by t-king81
Bonus WTF: This looks a lot like Jessica Harrison’s furniture but I can’t find it on her site and I can’t track the image, so I think it’s a different artist doing a similar thing.


“The action in Horizon takes place in the year 2085, after a civilization of extraterrestrial origin has invaded Earth. About one-third of the planet’s 9 billion inhabitants have been killed; nearly 2 billion more have been evacuated to a military base hidden in the core of the planet Mercury.

Of the 4 billion humans who remain on Earth, all are expected to perish within 48 hours. Taking a last stand against the alien onslaught, one Marine battalion remains on the surface. But they are in retreat, seeking shelter in the space cruiser Horizon.

In addition to the Wicked Girls, the denizens of the year 2085 include AVN Best Actress winner Kimberly Kane, Bobbi Starr, Misty Stone, Aiden Starr, Rocco Reed, Bill Bailey, Tony De Sergio, Xander Corvus and Danny Mountain.”

I like when there’s diversity in the porn business. I get a lot of hits to a post I made a year ago about Steampunk porn, so I figure a lot of my readers might enjoy this one as well. From watching the trailer, I’m not that impressed by the CG and the acting, but lets hope it’s better than this.

If I could sew this is what I would sew.

More of similar stuff can be found here and at my photobucket.

Repost for some, but I find it worth reposting. I bet when Gaga sees this she’s going to curse herself for not thinking of it sooner (or if you’re more cynically inclined, she’ll be thrilled and make a rip-off in 3 days).

GREAT idea, isn’t it? No? Anyone? Bueller?

Well… Sarah Burge, gangstername “Human Barbie” thought so. Is it just me or does the name “Human Barbie” sound a bit like the name for a potential serial killer?

From the article: “The 50-year old, whose comments come in the weeks ministers vowed to crack down on the sexualization of children, said her girl ‘squealed with delight’ when given the £6,000 gift”

Meh, I can’t hate. I would never, ever, ever do this, but at least she gave some thought to the design and if it’s real, the artist is pretty talented. 152 though? I understand getting 5 tattoos of your closest friends a tribute or memory, but it sort of looses it’s significance when it’s 152.

Oh hell no (click here to go to the bigger version). I don’t know anything about this except rumour has it it’s in Hungary. I just know I don’t want to be there.