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If I’m not completely mistaken, I think one of my flatmates just tried to ask me out. õ_õ Like, hopefully he just phrased himself oddly. Otherwise I think my, uh, dismiss was pretty clear or at least following the standard protocol of dismissing dates (“uhh I have uh an exam coming up and I really need to study, so…”). But you never know when one emotionally challenged person tries to communicate something to another emotionally challenged person (men in general tend to be a bit emotionally stunted and this one is even  getting his phd in computer science… so yeah).  So many things could go wrong, and you get some extra awkward sauce to top it off just because we already live together. I have a bad history of getting asked out by normal, decent guys who I thought I was completely clear with that I didn’t want anything other than a friendship. Good thing I’m not a teenager anymore, so it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I guess at some point I realized that me rejecting someone and someone asking me out wasn’t as big of a deal as I made it out to be. People move on and eat cheeseburgers or something.



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I’m looking forward to a calm weekend, even if I have to study. Since I got back from the field visit today I’ve stayed up in the apartment, taken a nap, ordered pizza and watched TV. I was only home for an hour or two yesterday, because I had a dentist appointment after school . I didn’t have any cavities but apparently I grate my teeth when I sleep, and a night guard would cost 3000kr/$470/£290. If my jaw problems doesn’t go away I might have to buy it. Anyhow, because I came home late I didn’t have a chance to buy beers to bring to the party I was going to, and I didn’t have anything to use to dilute my alcohol. I put some Barcardi rum in a plastic bottle with the intention to not drink too much since I had to get up at 8am for the field trip I wrote about in my previous post. That plan didn’t really work that well. I had a lot of fun and got free drinks because I returned some glasses (it’s a system they have at college parties. 3 glasses = free beer or cider. 4 glasses = free drink. You can also trade the glasses for money instead). I found and returned over 10 glasses. I only spent 30kr(~£3/$4½) of my own money during the entire night. I may party hard but I party economically.

I got home after 3 am. Felt like crap when I woke up this morning, but since I didn’t want to miss the field trip staying home wasn’t an option. I managed to pull myself together and get there and then back home again before lunch time. The rest of the day has been spent in a very lazy way, not cooking meals and falling asleep in my clothes. I ordered home-delivered pizza for the first time, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It was very comfortable and delicious, but too expensive to become a habit. I was supposed to meet a friend and play trivia games, but I think I killed too many brain cells to do that.

Finished two drawings this week as well. The second one is intended as a T-shirt print but I’m not sure if it works.

I was on a field visit to a so called daily activity enter for developmentally challenged today. Friday was disco day, which meant that their disco room (a room filled with moving lights and music) was occupied by 10-12 people with varying types of learning difficulties. All of them had low cognitive abilities and most of them couldn’t speak and me and my classmate were supposed to observe how they communicated (using pictograms, body language and signs). It was a bit awkward standing in a room observing people without being able to explain to them why you were there and why you were staring at them.

I don’t know if it’s offensive to say that I found them “charming”. I know some people compare learning disabled people to children, and while there are similarities they clearly are adult in other ways. The people I met certainly had childlike traits; I entertained a man by clapping hands and playfully poking him like one would do with a toddler, but since he was full grown it was a higher risk that he’d unintentionally hurt someone. He was very affectionate and hugged both me and my classmate, but he hugged so hard that it almost hurt and with his arms around my neck (something the staff told him not to do). I can see why it’s very draining to work at that centre, especially since they were very understaffed.


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The last weeks have been tougher than usual in school. We’re reading about neuro-patients now, which is a very diverse field. One week we’re reading about dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) and feeding each other jam; then we jump to aphasia which is difficult because the current theories on how language works are opposing each other and are much more abstract than e.g learning how the kidneys work. Neuro is also heavier than children’s speech deficiencies, because the patient’s tend to be much sicker. The most common illnesses in the patients that we’ll see are stroke, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Huntingtons and ALS. A stroke patient can recover, but they’re dealing with so much other than the communicate difficulties, like paralyses and  damaged cognitive abilities. The sound examples that we’ve listened to from patients with traumatic injuries came all from young men who had been hurt in car accidents, and years after the accident could barely even communicate with grunt-like sounds. Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Huntingtons and ALS are degenerative diseases, which means the rehabilitation is mostly focused on keeping the remaining functions as long as possible. Just reading about ALS is tragic because it’s such a horrible disease. The person’s nerve system breaks down, gradually causing a loss of function to every part of the body while the cognition remains intact. Most people are dead within 5 years.

I found out yesterday that a classmate’s husband might (probably ) be dying. We’ve all known that he has been sick because she’s been missing classes because she has to take care of their kids (the smallest isn’t even 1 years old, and the other is just 3) and be at the hospital. He was admitted shortly before Christmas, but the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him. They took a biopsy a little over a week ago and it turned out to be a tumour. We found out during the study meeting yesterday (that she’s supposed to be a part of). She sent an email saying that tests had shown that it was glioblastoma multiforme class 4. The others in the group asked me to look it up since I was taking notes on my computer. They asked what the prognosis were and I said it’s at least better for people under 50, but I left out the part that it was still only a very few who survived for over 5 years. It just felt too strange basically reading about someone’s death sentence from Wikipedia. I don’t know her well and I’ve never met her husband, but I feel very bad for them and the kids. She’s been so strong whenever she talked about their situation. I really hope that her husband is one of the 4% that survive past 5 years.

Does anyone else have a habit of taking photos of the wounds and bruises you get after getting hurt?
… I don’t know why I do this because I’m pretty sure no one wants to see them. Here’s from this morning:

Fucking toes, how do they work?!! It’s like the one thing you can’t fix by kicking on it. Duct tape might do the trick though.
The black nail I got from dropping a coffee cup on my toe barely had time to disappear before I accidentally slammed it against the threshold causing this. I think my subconscious is trying to get rid off them. I might have a secret apotemnophilia.

^My blood looked so brightly red! It’s usually darker.

My day got a lot better as time went on though. A coffee company had sent some students out to promote their new product by handing out free samples of instant coffee. Lucky for me, the students were lazy and didn’t want to stand all day handing out one sample to each, so they gave me like ~30 of them. Woohoo!


I guess you could do this as well…

For BMZ this isn’t *that* bad or painful, but he gets points for being original.