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Posted: June 26, 2011 in Personal Life
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I’m suffering from my bi-annual days of illness. I got hit with a bad cold that started yesterday and bloomed today, the day before my first day at my new job. Hooray. I’ll just have to suffer it out,- staying home right now is not an option.
I haven’t had the energy to do much save browse ONTD. Will catch up on everything once I feel a bit better.


Repost for some, but I find it worth reposting. I bet when Gaga sees this she’s going to curse herself for not thinking of it sooner (or if you’re more cynically inclined, she’ll be thrilled and make a rip-off in 3 days).

What is this I don’t even, WHAT? This news article reads as a horror story. I have several theories why someone would hide in a portable toilet:

a) They have an unhealthy hide-and-seek obsession.

b) They made a really complicated scheme to rob or assault festival attendees.

c) Their scat fetish is spiralling out of control.

A woman at the Hanuman Festival went into the portable toilet Friday and noticed something moving in the tank when she lifted the lid, according to police spokeswoman Kim Kobel. The woman exited and asked a man nearby to look inside the tank.

The man told police he saw something moving under a tarp, and when he left the toilet he heard it lock from the inside.A security supervisor then waited outside for the person to emerge. When he did, the supervisor tried to get him to sit down, Kobel said, but he ran off, covered in feces.

The suspect, who was not wearing a shirt or shoes when he came out of the toilet, was described as a white man in his 20s wearing gray sweatpants, around 6-foot-5 to 6-foot-8-inches tall with a skinny build and black hair.

As if people didn’t already have prejudice against vegetarians as nutjobs who at weird food… researchers have produced a vegetarian steak containing human shit. LOVELY. The thing that I find most puzzling is that the video says the steak gets it’s meat flavour from the soy protein, which means the human poo just adds proteins to the dish and not taste. Soy protein is very healthy and nutritious, and so is tofu and quorn, so I fail to see why they felt they had to develop ANOTHER source of proteins when there already is several alternatives. The problem with artificial meat is the consistency and the flavour. I forgot some of the vegetarian food I was supposed to review in a refrigerator in Norrtälje, but all the artificial steaks I’ve tasted so far haven’t tasted at all like actual meat. Veggie meatballs are tasty, soy sausages and burgers are almost like the fabricated original, but ready-made steaks that taste decent are impossible to find. Some people are really good with vegetarian cooking and can do it themselves though.


Leaving for Greece

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Personal Life
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I started writing on the internship post, but I haven’t finished it yet and I’m leaving for Greece in a second. But I’ll try to finish it and post it while I’m there, maybe along with some photos of our vacation house. Until then, my friends, have a great week and have fun!

I’ve started writing on my summary of my internship in Norrtälje, hopefully I will have finished it by the end of the evening so I can post it before I leave to Crete.

Iris’s funeral was today. I don’t really like funerals because all the ones I’ve been to have been religious, and I don’t believe in Christianity. I understand why people have Christian funerals, but to me saying that someone has been embraced, forgiven and found peace in this “God” person just makes me shrug. Why can’t they say something comforting to those who believe we just end? I know a plenty of comforting things about atheism and death that doesn’t give out the false hope that death somehow isn’t final and that we’ll meet each other again in a place without pain. I can see a lot of beauty in that we have seemingly randomly fallen into existence in this tiny blink of time together and that we during this brief flash of consciousness get to experience and affect the universe before we suddenly fade out again to give place for those who come after us.

Crappy cellphone photo,- very 21st century to take a photo of a casket at a funeral, but I couldn’t bring my proper camera. The ceremony was very small, just 12 people, and neither of us was very good at singing the psalms. Why do they make psalms so very difficult to sing? This is another great thing about atheism: If there actually was an afterlife and Iris WAS looking down upon us, she would have *facepalmed*. Aside from the singing I suppose it went pretty well. I didn’t feel particularly sad since she died a month ago, but my younger sister had make-up running down her face so I felt bad for her. She’s always been more openly emotional than me. We had cake afterwards though which seemed to cheer her up… and that’s my deep insight of today: When everyone’s gone, there’s always cake.

GREAT idea, isn’t it? No? Anyone? Bueller?

Well… Sarah Burge, gangstername “Human Barbie” thought so. Is it just me or does the name “Human Barbie” sound a bit like the name for a potential serial killer?

From the article: “The 50-year old, whose comments come in the weeks ministers vowed to crack down on the sexualization of children, said her girl ‘squealed with delight’ when given the £6,000 gift”