the intaahwebz are srsly addictive

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Findings (links), Just for the LOLs
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OK, seriously, just these three things, then I’m going to bed.

Do you miss all those old geocity sites with textured background and ugly fonts? This site allows you to browse the web 1996-style (at least some webpages ;)).

I was meaning to post about this earlier but I just kind of forgot. I’m a member of ONTD, occasionally nicknamed the female 4chan. Gossip blogger Ausiello constantly steals posts from ONTD for his blog, snarks the site occasionally and is commonly referred to as “he-who-must-not-be-named” by members. Three members of ONTD managed to create a sort of impressive, but offensive, hoax earlier which both exposed Ausiello and created celebrity drama on Twitter. The article explains it in more details, but in short it went like this: 1. Someone (badly) photoshopped a screencap of Michael Lohan’s twitter and wrote that Lindsay had HIV, combined with bible quotes. 2. They posted the image on ONTD and said that the tweets had been deleted. This was backed up by two other members who were in on it. 3. ONTD calls the hoax, but Ausiello has already stolen the screencap and tweeted it, implying that he took it himself. Michael Lohan thinks someone hacked his twitter and accuses Ausiello through tweets. The word gets to Lindsay who seem to believe that her dad actually wrote the fake tweets. Read more here.

And lastly… a fart blanket. It’s not “an excellent anniversary gift”, no matter what the commercial says. Really. It’s not.


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