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Made of 1300 Speed bags:



If I could sew this is what I would sew.

More of similar stuff can be found here and at my photobucket.

Digital art.

The concept is the essence of the human race being sold as a perfume. I think the most important things in this drawing are the different details. The model in the ad symbolizes hypocrisy. She’s a satire of award show celebrities, a beautiful woman who is at first glance publicly promoting charities (animal rights, ending wars, giving money to third world countries) but looking closer she’s wearing fur (the fox), her clothes are made by workers in sweatshops and her jewellery symbolizes blood diamonds. She’s representing people who put up a façade of virtues while being unwilling to give up the luxury that depends on other people’s suffering.

It’s a cynical piece which focuses on the negative sides of humans. It mocks the definition of “have humanity” and “be humane”.

Click on the image to see it in fullsize.

I’m looking forward to a calm weekend, even if I have to study. Since I got back from the field visit today I’ve stayed up in the apartment, taken a nap, ordered pizza and watched TV. I was only home for an hour or two yesterday, because I had a dentist appointment after school . I didn’t have any cavities but apparently I grate my teeth when I sleep, and a night guard would cost 3000kr/$470/£290. If my jaw problems doesn’t go away I might have to buy it. Anyhow, because I came home late I didn’t have a chance to buy beers to bring to the party I was going to, and I didn’t have anything to use to dilute my alcohol. I put some Barcardi rum in a plastic bottle with the intention to not drink too much since I had to get up at 8am for the field trip I wrote about in my previous post. That plan didn’t really work that well. I had a lot of fun and got free drinks because I returned some glasses (it’s a system they have at college parties. 3 glasses = free beer or cider. 4 glasses = free drink. You can also trade the glasses for money instead). I found and returned over 10 glasses. I only spent 30kr(~£3/$4½) of my own money during the entire night. I may party hard but I party economically.

I got home after 3 am. Felt like crap when I woke up this morning, but since I didn’t want to miss the field trip staying home wasn’t an option. I managed to pull myself together and get there and then back home again before lunch time. The rest of the day has been spent in a very lazy way, not cooking meals and falling asleep in my clothes. I ordered home-delivered pizza for the first time, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It was very comfortable and delicious, but too expensive to become a habit. I was supposed to meet a friend and play trivia games, but I think I killed too many brain cells to do that.

Finished two drawings this week as well. The second one is intended as a T-shirt print but I’m not sure if it works.

I’m not sure I’d consider it great art, but it’s entertaining and amuses my ~*inner, dark passenger*~. A decapitated Barbie made a visit to Dexter in season 1, so I think it’s a appropriate reference..

My top 10 best (or worst?) of Mariel Clayton’s Blood Barbie, in no particular order:

1. I wonder what she did with the mixer in the right corner.











2. New Barbie isn’t just a batshit insane serial killer, she’s also quite messy.

3. It’s nice to see she still has her traditional values. In this photo we can see Barbie cleaning the kitchen, just like a good woman should.

4. How do you even go about doing that to someone?

5. Once again in the kitchen, making a nice meal.

6. Raising her family.

7. Note the poster in the background and the coat hanger on the floor.

8. Carving out Halloween decorations.

9.This one is just weird and wrong.

10. Being a role-model for young women everywhere. Screw men, all you need is chocolate and a hot steaming bath.

There’s a lot more of the same stuff at her website. To be honest, I’d do the same thing if I had enough Barbie parts to spare, but the difference is that I’d get bored after arranging the first three scenes. Oh well, girls and their dolls. I’m once again jealous that someone is making money out of this and it isn’t me.

Jessica Harrison has caused a blip on my radar twice this year. First she made the super-awesome and disgusting furniture that looked like it was made out of genital skin, and now I find out that she’s made these awesome figurines.

Check out the rest at her site; they are under images – 2010.


Artsy partsy post

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Art
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Quick, cutesy drawing. Usual colored pencils + touched up in photoshop.