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A wanted ad

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A wanted ad

Just something funny I found online.



Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I won’t post the thing I wrote yesterday tonight. Mostly because I don’t have time to finish writing it and reflect on whether I should post it or not. Still feeling partly like I want to strangle someone for no reason or just curl up somewhere where I won’t bother anyone any more and no one will bother me. It’s more fun to feel angry so I’m going for that and listening to Three Days Grace and A Perfect Circle (TDG has the worst lyrics but it’s enpowering).

I’m reading about number station and The Conet Project. It’s pretty cool, especially since it reminds me of the number sequence in LOST. Shortwave radio stations are a way of transmitting information anonymously, a technology that started to be used after the second world war. Supposedly, these radio stations are used to send secret messages to spies. It sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory, but there has been a few instances when spies have been caught who received information from number stations.

“The one-way voice link (OWVL) described a covert communications system that transmitted messages to an agent’s unmodified shortwave radio using the high-frequency shortwave bands between 3 and 30 MHz at a predetermined time, date, and frequency contained in their communications plan. The transmissions were contained in a series of repeated random number sequences and could only be deciphered using the agent’s one-time pad. If proper tradecraft was practiced and instructions were precisely followed, an OWVL transmission was considered unbreakable. […] As long as the agent’s cover could justify possessing a shortwave radio and he was not under technical surveillance, high-frequency OWVL was a secure and preferred system for the CIA during the Cold War.

[…] The only item Penkovsky used that could properly be called advanced tradecraft was his ‘agent-receive’ communications through a one-way voice-link. These encoded messages, known as OWVL, were broadcast over shortwave frequencies at predetermined times from a CIA-operated transmitter in Western Europe. Penkovsky listened to these messages on a Panasonic radio — strings of numbers read in a dispassionate voice — and then decoded them using a one-time pad.”

– Spycraft, by Robert Wallace and H. Keith Melton.

After listening to the Lincolnshire Poacher a few times it begins to sound strangely eerie. And once you get in to that mode and then listen to The Swedish Raphasody you got the perfect creepy pasta.

The Conet project has a bunch of these. Check them out here!

I’ll add this to the list of things I will subject my potential future children to. If my potential future children survive my upbringing they will definitely be interesting people as adults.

Summer hiatus

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

This blog is on a summer hiatus for the moment! I might update randomly, but don’t expect too much until the beginning of September.

I’ve started writing on my summary of my internship in Norrtälje, hopefully I will have finished it by the end of the evening so I can post it before I leave to Crete.

Iris’s funeral was today. I don’t really like funerals because all the ones I’ve been to have been religious, and I don’t believe in Christianity. I understand why people have Christian funerals, but to me saying that someone has been embraced, forgiven and found peace in this “God” person just makes me shrug. Why can’t they say something comforting to those who believe we just end? I know a plenty of comforting things about atheism and death that doesn’t give out the false hope that death somehow isn’t final and that we’ll meet each other again in a place without pain. I can see a lot of beauty in that we have seemingly randomly fallen into existence in this tiny blink of time together and that we during this brief flash of consciousness get to experience and affect the universe before we suddenly fade out again to give place for those who come after us.

Crappy cellphone photo,- very 21st century to take a photo of a casket at a funeral, but I couldn’t bring my proper camera. The ceremony was very small, just 12 people, and neither of us was very good at singing the psalms. Why do they make psalms so very difficult to sing? This is another great thing about atheism: If there actually was an afterlife and Iris WAS looking down upon us, she would have *facepalmed*. Aside from the singing I suppose it went pretty well. I didn’t feel particularly sad since she died a month ago, but my younger sister had make-up running down her face so I felt bad for her. She’s always been more openly emotional than me. We had cake afterwards though which seemed to cheer her up… and that’s my deep insight of today: When everyone’s gone, there’s always cake.

Some people can’t stand to hear people pop their joints. I grew with a lot of guy friends, and burping contests and joints popping contests was something quite normal, so I’ve never been bothered by popping my joints in public. Sometimes when I twist my body I can hear maybe 10 separate loud pops from my spine. I have an issue with my jaw that makes it go “POP KNACK” when I yawn or push it with my knuckles. I watched this video recently and thought of all those people who freak out when you stretch your neck. I think I have to show it to them.