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My Spanish isn’t good, so the only thing I understood was basically “It is good” and “I like you”. Or at least that’s what I think they said. I think this clip might be better if you don’t understand what’s being said,- that way you’re even more mystified. I couldn’t embed it properly so I think you have to click the link. It’s “mature” because it contains breasts but not in a sexual way (I hope).
Mathilda May – La Teta y la Luna by t-king81
Bonus WTF: This looks a lot like Jessica Harrison’s furniture but I can’t find it on her site and I can’t track the image, so I think it’s a different artist doing a similar thing.


I take way too many photos on my cell. A lot of them are from messing around with the different anatomical dolls and replicas from school.

1. This is my school flirt, the skeleton of Henry Cavill.With that jaw you could almost mistake him for Metroman!Photobucket
2. Me and the skeleton of Henry Cavill flaunting our love.Photobucket
3. This is my secret gay lover, Mira. She’s been parked out in the school corridor over the weekend and I don’t know why.

4. Mira’s O-face (lots of things happening off-camera in this shot).
5. Mira’s “aaah”-face.
6. Leaving Mira to rest behind that door in the corridor.


7. This is my personal trainer, the skeleton André. André has similar looks to Henry Cavill but lives in a different classroom.

8. This is the school’s whore house.
9. My adopted son, Montaug.

I’m reading about number station and The Conet Project. It’s pretty cool, especially since it reminds me of the number sequence in LOST. Shortwave radio stations are a way of transmitting information anonymously, a technology that started to be used after the second world war. Supposedly, these radio stations are used to send secret messages to spies. It sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory, but there has been a few instances when spies have been caught who received information from number stations.

“The one-way voice link (OWVL) described a covert communications system that transmitted messages to an agent’s unmodified shortwave radio using the high-frequency shortwave bands between 3 and 30 MHz at a predetermined time, date, and frequency contained in their communications plan. The transmissions were contained in a series of repeated random number sequences and could only be deciphered using the agent’s one-time pad. If proper tradecraft was practiced and instructions were precisely followed, an OWVL transmission was considered unbreakable. […] As long as the agent’s cover could justify possessing a shortwave radio and he was not under technical surveillance, high-frequency OWVL was a secure and preferred system for the CIA during the Cold War.

[…] The only item Penkovsky used that could properly be called advanced tradecraft was his ‘agent-receive’ communications through a one-way voice-link. These encoded messages, known as OWVL, were broadcast over shortwave frequencies at predetermined times from a CIA-operated transmitter in Western Europe. Penkovsky listened to these messages on a Panasonic radio — strings of numbers read in a dispassionate voice — and then decoded them using a one-time pad.”

– Spycraft, by Robert Wallace and H. Keith Melton.

After listening to the Lincolnshire Poacher a few times it begins to sound strangely eerie. And once you get in to that mode and then listen to The Swedish Raphasody you got the perfect creepy pasta.

The Conet project has a bunch of these. Check them out here!

I’m trying to calm my nerves for tomorrows exam by listening to The Sounds of Science. I’ve been a bit dispirited lately, and I’ve not studied as much as I should have. It’s not that bad because if I fail this exam I can retake it before the next term begins though. I don’t think I’m doomed, I’ve just decided to wing it and not put as much effort into studying as my last exam (I studied too much for that one though, mind you. I got 50 of 54 points and we don’t have any other grades than failed/passed). If I pass this exam I will be so happy that I didn’t study more and that I spent my time on more funny things, LOL.

Today I studied between 9am to 2:30pm, then I went to join an attempt to beat the world record in water fighting. They say 3500 participated, so I can now say I helped win a world record. 😉 It was fun.’

I will try to write that summary of my internship in a day or two, or hopefully before I leave for Greece. I’ve been a bit occupied by life and my jaws are more tense than they ever been. I think I have TMJ or I press my teeth all day and night when I’m stressed or feeling bad. Whatever it is, it makes my jaw really tense, hurt, pop and be a bitch. It used to go away after a week, but I’ve had this for several months now. I go to bed with a tense jaw and a bad back from studying, and I wake up with a tense jaw and a tense back because I sleep weird. Sorry, just had to complain! I’m hoping it’ll go away during the summer because I won’t have to think about school.

Iris’ funeral is on Friday. It’s fairly common to have a funeral exactly 1 month after someone passes away here. It’s a lot quicker in the states because so many people live there, I guess. I guess I’m not sad any more about it but I’ve been in a pretty weird mood in general. I’m angry at my dad for reasons I don’t really understand. I catch myself imagining me saying really horrible things to people. Then I get sad because I feel pretty fucked up when I fantasize about that crap. I have moodswings when I long for the days I was more ~*edgy*~ and mean, because somehow the words “nice”, “happy”, “pretty” suddenly ring false in my proverbial ears. Luckily I’m smart enough to know that I wouldn’t feel better if I suddenly started abandoning all social norms and pretend to be a sociopath… because it’s not who I am. 😛 Speaking of sociopath, I have to write about my pretend TV-show sometime. I have several pretend TV-shows, it’s one of my quirks. I think it started when I was 15, when I thought up a show that would star Elijah Wood, my heart-throb at the time, and a goth chic character that was basically a Mary-Sue of myself. They weren’t together though so it wasn’t that pathetic. Then last year I invented a character for a fanfic, and I just liked her so much that I started making up an independent universe for her… then recently, or some months ago, I got the idea to create a male anti-Sue to entertain myself. I was annoyed that my favourite character from Lost, Sawyer, didn’t turn out the way I wanted in the show, so I made a character that shared a lot of traits with him, but altered him to be exactly as I preferred. He’s a bit sociopathic. I’ll tell you more later, but I need to go to bed now if I want to get up at 6 am tomorrow.

Good night everyone! 🙂

Some people can’t stand to hear people pop their joints. I grew with a lot of guy friends, and burping contests and joints popping contests was something quite normal, so I’ve never been bothered by popping my joints in public. Sometimes when I twist my body I can hear maybe 10 separate loud pops from my spine. I have an issue with my jaw that makes it go “POP KNACK” when I yawn or push it with my knuckles. I watched this video recently and thought of all those people who freak out when you stretch your neck. I think I have to show it to them.

…that’s what all the cool robots do these days.

Here’s another uncanny valley-post. I’m not sure if it beats poor spermobot, but it’s pretty damn awesome either way.

(there’s some info and photos of it here).