Internship #2

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I started my internship for the neurology course this week. I finished day 3 today. Besides seeing patients we were at a meeting for SLPs treating aphasia. One of my classmates is working at the same clinic, and since it’s in Stockholm we’re both living at my dad’s place… which means we’re practically spending all our time together as we sleep in the same room. It’s a good thing that we have similar personalities, because it could be straining otherwise.

I can’t write much about the patients we’ve been seeing, as I’m terrified of breaking some sort of confidentiality (which I’ve heard has happened to students and doctors who blogged or posted on facebook about their patients). When meeting a person with aphasia you can’t laugh at them when they say something strange, which is surprisingly hard. Most of the patients so far has a form of aphasia where they can’t hear that they’re saying nonsense, but one man that we met was fully cognitively intact except for the aphasia, so he mostly *knew* he was saying something wrong but was unable to correct himself. At one point he came  close to saying a really crude, vulgar word when he meant to say something perfectly innocent, at which point I practised my “warm, understanding” smile when on the inside I wanted to indulge in childish giggling.

Here’s a photo of me disinfecting my hands in my scrubs:


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