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… this still surprised me.  o_O

WATCH THE ENTIRE THING. Yes, the 1 minute is painful but it’s worth it.

peeking virtue from Douglas Burgdorff on Vimeo.


It’s a quarter past midnight and I’m up listening to Sounds of Science. It’s quotes from famous scientists to the tunes of electropop music… which works surprisingly pretty well. Have a listen:

And I’m starting to like my Dad’s new GF more. I met her first this Wednesday when she offered me some spare furniture for my apartment. Now she showed up pretty wasted at our home after accompanying my dad to a “cooking night” at some acquaintances place… oh, and she was alright with dating him even though her son though he was a serial killer (he blamed this on me, because apparently the son had snooped through his facebook profile, which says he’s a member of the group “fans of American Serial killers” which was something I sent to him years ago).  So far she seems more bearable than the others that was before her (not that I disliked them… they were just old and rather boring).

Going away over the weekend, so probably no updates for a while. If you want to be traumatised by something while I’m away, check out this Serbian movie called “Heart of Darkness”/”Srpski Film” (Just means “Serbian film” I think. Not sure if that’s the name).  Trigger warning here, don’t read if you are triggered by pedophila, violence, necrophilia and rape.

The main character in the movie is an ex-porn actor who has reformed and is living a normal life with a wife and a young son. Due to financial troubles he accepts to star in one last movie for a ridiculous amount of money (warning bells, anyone?). It turns out that the director is trying to make the “ultimate snuff-film” by taking poor people  and using them as “props”. The trailer is disturbing enough, although compared to “normal” horror movies it’s not so bad… but wait, there’s m0re.

OK, here’s a spoiler alert about some of the worst things that you didn’t see in the trailer that happens in the movie.

  • A girl gets handcuffed to a bed and then raped and decapitated… and the rape continues afterwards.
  • A man gets literally eye raped (which was a term I used as a metaphor in my last blog post, coincidentally). By that I mean, someone puts a dick in his eyes and rapes him until he’s dead.
  • A woman gives birth to a baby which is in turn raped as soon as it gets out of the womb. This is supposedly an analogy for the saying that if you’re born in Serbia, you’re “fucked from birth”.
  • And as someone else who watched the movie commented, despite the horrifying subjects shown in the movie, like torture, rape and murder, and despite the fact that female genitalia and asses are shown more often than not, the producer of this movie thought it was a good idea to just use dildoes instead of actual dicks. This would have been understandable if it was a case of the actors having trouble staying hard when they had to do vomit-inducing scenes, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s extremely fake looking dildos that you can tell from first glance is made of plastic

That’s all for tonight, have fun with your nightmares. I’m returning on Monday with probably something even more grotesque. BYEEE!

As you might have noticed, I changed the tagline for my blog to a reference of a Tom Lehrer song. It’s funny how my taste in music in recent years have grown more and more similar to my dad’s. He even has a book named “Too many songs by Tom Lehrer and not enough drawings by Ronald Searle” with lyrics and notes of his songs.

Oh, and I’ve been doing some painting again with my 2 euro brushes. No, they didn’t cost 2 euros per brush, I actually got 12 paint brushes for 2 euros. I’m just saying it because if I was serious about painting (which some people mistake me for being) I would probably try to get better equipment… and I would probably not paint partying elephants with a brightly orange background. Just some silliness. :3

I’m going to put it up in the kitchen of my new apartment so it can rape my eyes into alertness in the mornings.

Ooooo and I bought a new hookah/waterpipe today. Isn’t it pretty?

… or “band’s members”. And no, I’m not selling them, but Amazon is.

I’ve never been a big Rammstein fan. I like the sound of some of their songs, like Feur und Wasser and others, but I really don’t like their lyrics and the attitude of the band just kind of kills it for me. My German is really bad though, so as long as I don’t listen closely to the songs I won’t cringe in pain. My point is, somehow Rammstein managed to lower my already low opinion of them by launching this product:

From the product description on Amazon:

“This unique version of Rammstein’s sixth studio album, Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, comes expansively packaged in a flight Comments 0case style box. The package contains: the deluxe edition version of the album, six sex toys (numerically corresponding to each member of the band), handcuffs and lubricant! Please note this product contains sensitive elements which some customers may find offensive.”


Posted: June 5, 2010 in Music

I’m listening to Coma Burn by Cemetary. The lyrics aren’t what I usually like, but Mathias Lodmalm got such a sexy voice that it works, not to mention the melody is great.


There is no theme today, just an assortment of weird news, good music and funny photos that I think people should be aware of. 🙂

Need background music before we start? Put this on. It’s Best Magmu Ever by Underworld.

Lets start out with something funny but tragic. A 59 year old man died yesterday after a eel had been inserted into his rectum by his friends, after he was passed out drunk. To add to the squick-factor of it: Apparently he died because the eel had devoured his bowels. The article doesn’t mention if the eel was alright though. Sauce.

Speaking of stuff stuck where they probably shouldn’t been stuck, here’s an x-ray of a person who put a vibrator in their ass and then tried to remove it using salad tongs…which obviously got stuck as well.

The source informs us:

“The patient attempted self-removal with a pair of salad tongs, which also became lodged, resulting in two rectal foreign bodies. Multiple attempts at self-removal are typical in patients with rectal foreign bodies.” Sauce.

Btw, my Ghetto name is apparently Rieelashatatasha. I must admit, it has a certain ring to it. See what your ghetto name by using this “map”:

And this is pretty totally awesome and amazing.

I also feel that I need to pimp the new animated series “Ugly Americans“. I haven’t seen much of it yet, but from what I’ve seen it’s promising. Here’s part 1/3 from the first episode.

Has the song ended yet? Put on this instead. It’s When I’m Small by Phantogram.

Moving on. I just read that Bill Murray wants to have a pre-death funeral, which I actually find pretty sensible. I wonder if my dad would let me throw myself a funeral in his house some time. I guess it would be hard to achieve that genuine funeral-y feeling if no one is actually mourning you yet, so maybe you’d have to fake your death first… which could make some people upset, which in turn would make less people show up for my actual funeral. Anyhow, you can read his comments about it here.

Tech stuff: There’s a useful site which you can use to do a quick analysis whether a photo has been manipulated with or not. The instructions are at the FAQ so you should all check it out. Here’s an example and link to the site!

This doesn’t need an explanation, just watch it.

I have more I want to post, but I’m gonna save it for another post, otherwise I’ll have to tag this one like crazy.

I’m hiding in my room listening to my  Peter Gabriel’s discography. My exam in neurology, cognition, perception and other stuff is in a few days and I’m trying to compile a document with definitions to every term, process and structure I need to know. I’m on page 14 so far… lots to go. I wonder if I’ll be finished before my 34 albums of Peter Gabriels is up. I’m listening to reverse chronologically; am on Argentina Encore now. It’s bloody amazing.

I had to turn the mirror on the wall so it faces away from me. I look horrible. Woke up ~1 pm and didn’t see a reason to wash up since I won’t go anywhere. It doesn’t help that I run my fingers through my hair when I’m bored or thinking hard, I look like frigging Einstein now. Thinking about sneaking out in the kitchen to make some dinner and risk scaring my flatmates. N is in his third year of med school and studying neurology as well, so I’m gonna bother him a bit about stuff that he might know. 😛 although I suspect I know more than him tbh.

Here’s some good music for ya:

Mother of violence: