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… So here’s another thing I will whip out if I want to mess up my potential future kids. I’m pretty sure the list of “Tools for psychological experiments on children” that I’m unofficially making has grown quite long during the last year. Now, this video starts off as a normal pretentious children’s show, but make sure you watch until the end.


I’ve always enjoyed the original, but this one is special. 😉

Some people can’t stand to hear people pop their joints. I grew with a lot of guy friends, and burping contests and joints popping contests was something quite normal, so I’ve never been bothered by popping my joints in public. Sometimes when I twist my body I can hear maybe 10 separate loud pops from my spine. I have an issue with my jaw that makes it go “POP KNACK” when I yawn or push it with my knuckles. I watched this video recently and thought of all those people who freak out when you stretch your neck. I think I have to show it to them.

This is wicked! How come I didn’t know about it until now? Love it. 😀

I know furries aren’t that popular in some parts of the Internet, but c’mon, this guys is just adorable (although he should wash his hair more often).

There is no theme today, just an assortment of weird news, good music and funny photos that I think people should be aware of. 🙂

Need background music before we start? Put this on. It’s Best Magmu Ever by Underworld.

Lets start out with something funny but tragic. A 59 year old man died yesterday after a eel had been inserted into his rectum by his friends, after he was passed out drunk. To add to the squick-factor of it: Apparently he died because the eel had devoured his bowels. The article doesn’t mention if the eel was alright though. Sauce.

Speaking of stuff stuck where they probably shouldn’t been stuck, here’s an x-ray of a person who put a vibrator in their ass and then tried to remove it using salad tongs…which obviously got stuck as well.

The source informs us:

“The patient attempted self-removal with a pair of salad tongs, which also became lodged, resulting in two rectal foreign bodies. Multiple attempts at self-removal are typical in patients with rectal foreign bodies.” Sauce.

Btw, my Ghetto name is apparently Rieelashatatasha. I must admit, it has a certain ring to it. See what your ghetto name by using this “map”:

And this is pretty totally awesome and amazing.

I also feel that I need to pimp the new animated series “Ugly Americans“. I haven’t seen much of it yet, but from what I’ve seen it’s promising. Here’s part 1/3 from the first episode.

Has the song ended yet? Put on this instead. It’s When I’m Small by Phantogram.

Moving on. I just read that Bill Murray wants to have a pre-death funeral, which I actually find pretty sensible. I wonder if my dad would let me throw myself a funeral in his house some time. I guess it would be hard to achieve that genuine funeral-y feeling if no one is actually mourning you yet, so maybe you’d have to fake your death first… which could make some people upset, which in turn would make less people show up for my actual funeral. Anyhow, you can read his comments about it here.

Tech stuff: There’s a useful site which you can use to do a quick analysis whether a photo has been manipulated with or not. The instructions are at the FAQ so you should all check it out. Here’s an example and link to the site!

This doesn’t need an explanation, just watch it.

I have more I want to post, but I’m gonna save it for another post, otherwise I’ll have to tag this one like crazy.

1. According to the president of Bolivia, eating chicken causes men to become homosexual and bald.

2. I dare you to watch this clip without cringing.

3. Creepy. Also somewhat relevant to my studies.