Death and Cake

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve started writing on my summary of my internship in Norrtälje, hopefully I will have finished it by the end of the evening so I can post it before I leave to Crete.

Iris’s funeral was today. I don’t really like funerals because all the ones I’ve been to have been religious, and I don’t believe in Christianity. I understand why people have Christian funerals, but to me saying that someone has been embraced, forgiven and found peace in this “God” person just makes me shrug. Why can’t they say something comforting to those who believe we just end? I know a plenty of comforting things about atheism and death that doesn’t give out the false hope that death somehow isn’t final and that we’ll meet each other again in a place without pain. I can see a lot of beauty in that we have seemingly randomly fallen into existence in this tiny blink of time together and that we during this brief flash of consciousness get to experience and affect the universe before we suddenly fade out again to give place for those who come after us.

Crappy cellphone photo,- very 21st century to take a photo of a casket at a funeral, but I couldn’t bring my proper camera. The ceremony was very small, just 12 people, and neither of us was very good at singing the psalms. Why do they make psalms so very difficult to sing? This is another great thing about atheism: If there actually was an afterlife and Iris WAS looking down upon us, she would have *facepalmed*. Aside from the singing I suppose it went pretty well. I didn’t feel particularly sad since she died a month ago, but my younger sister had make-up running down her face so I felt bad for her. She’s always been more openly emotional than me. We had cake afterwards though which seemed to cheer her up… and that’s my deep insight of today: When everyone’s gone, there’s always cake.


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