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Made of 1300 Speed bags:



Me and my flatmates went inlines skating today at the skate ramp hall. As we entered the hall, Erik told us to try and not think about the fact that we were the oldest and worst people in the hall. I haven’t used inlines in years, and I’ve never done it on ramps, so I pretty much knew what to expect. Erik tried to show off and attempted to skate down one of the highest and steepest ramps in the hall and ended up almost breaking his neck as he somehow fell somersault-style and landed on his head, which was fortunately protected by a helmet. I fell a few times as well, once somehow causing my uterus paaain and I’m not sure if I bear children now.  We were there for roughly 2 hours, and I suspect my body is going to be stiff as hell tomorrow. Not because of the falls, but because every time I felt like I was loosing balance, I threw, twisted and bended my body in unnatural ways to try to avoid hitting the ground. Most of the time, falling didn’t even hurt so in retrospect it was a stupid thing to do. Lots of the skaters were really good though and it makes me wish I had been in to that when I was younger so I’d be a pro at it now. Anyhow, it was pretty fun and totally exhausting. It’s great work-out. Since I went to the skate hall by bike I got a bonus hour of biking exercise, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to sleep well tonight. 🙂

Me, Nicolas and Erik went climbing on indoor climbing walls this evening. I have a fear of heights, but I still managed pretty well.  After the forth wall I realized that the height wasn’t a problem any more, just the idea that I might fall. When you reached the top of the wall, you usually just lean back and your partner will safely let you down to the ground. That wasn’t a problem, but whenever I had to take a chance and move to rocks that were too small or too hard to grip, my mind panicked that I would loose my balance and fall… which in theory shouldn’t be bad because I knew the rope worked. It never happened, but I think it would actually be quite good if it did just so I could see for myself that it isn’t that bad.

I was also afraid my glasses would fall off because I had forgotten to put in contacts. Luckily they didn’t, but the rope got in my face a few times and came close to knocking them off. The walls ~14 meters high so that would have been bad.

On the way back I had this conversation with Nicolas:

J: I was talking with one of my friends from the party last Saturday, and she said she thought you were 25.

N: Oh, spot on then.

J: Wait… you ARE 25?

N: Yeah…

J: You’re not joking with me now, are you?

N: No… why?

The second time I met him, roughly a month ago, I asked how old he was. He’s studying for his Phd in Computer Science so I knew he must be older than me. Anyhow, he mumbled a bit and I couldn’t really tell what he said except that it ended with “5”. I decided that 45 was insane, 35 old, and 25 might be the answer but it sounded more like 35. When we talked about facebook and keeping track of birthdays, he said that he had written something like “5 of May 1975” so I figured he just looked kind of young for a 35 year old guy.

We went to a party on Saturday, where he met some of my friends from the preparty. When I met one of these friends later in school, we were talking about the party. Nicolas and me shared a cab home an hour before closing time, and I said he probably felt a bit too old for dancing and student parties. My friend asked me how old he was, and I obviously said 35, which she found shocking. She thought he looked much younger.I started saying things like “Well he’s still very youthful yadda yadda I thought he was younger too”

Now it turns out that he’s actually 25 and that I had it wrong to begin with. Apparently he wrote the year of his birth wrong on facebook because he hates facebook and want them to have the wrong information. I simply just HAD to tell him that for a month I had thought he was 10 years older than he actually was. He just found it funny and I was mostly amused/confused too, but it’s going to be so embarrassing explaining this to my friend in school after going on about how he’s a very fun and youthful “older guy”.