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My Spanish isn’t good, so the only thing I understood was basically “It is good” and “I like you”. Or at least that’s what I think they said. I think this clip might be better if you don’t understand what’s being said,- that way you’re even more mystified. I couldn’t embed it properly so I think you have to click the link. It’s “mature” because it contains breasts but not in a sexual way (I hope).
Mathilda May – La Teta y la Luna by t-king81
Bonus WTF: This looks a lot like Jessica Harrison’s furniture but I can’t find it on her site and I can’t track the image, so I think it’s a different artist doing a similar thing.


Jessica Harrison has caused a blip on my radar twice this year. First she made the super-awesome and disgusting furniture that looked like it was made out of genital skin, and now I find out that she’s made these awesome figurines.

Check out the rest at her site; they are under images – 2010.