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… So here’s another thing I will whip out if I want to mess up my potential future kids. I’m pretty sure the list of “Tools for psychological experiments on children” that I’m unofficially making has grown quite long during the last year. Now, this video starts off as a normal pretentious children’s show, but make sure you watch until the end.


It takes some form evil or helluva high to be able to enjoy and actually voluntarily put up this awful painting of Justin Bieber in your home.

It was seized along with 11 tons of marijuana, a shitload of weapons and a missile… which supports my above theory.

1. Dad of convict tries to smuggle heroine to the prison through his ass… plans on making the transfer with a tounge kiss with his son… Is it bad that I kind of wish the officers had waited to arrest them until AFTER the deal was made?

2. And wtf is this why would you even I have no clue arrrrgghhh!

My alcohol tolerance is messed up. I got drunk last Saturday on 4 ciders (4.5) and just a bit of wine. Not that I mind, I wasn’t too drunk or anything, but I was most definitely drunk. The weekend before I drank half a bottle of tequila and I was pretty alright. I occasionally have this weird reaction to alcohol that I would normally associate with weed, where I’m in a converstation about something superficial and then suddenly get freaked out about the deeper meaning of whatever we’re discussing. It’s like an overwhelming realization of the complexity that the universe consists of. Last Saturday, I was sitting at a table sipping some water and talking to some of the new students. The topic of hair came up. It was something pretty mundane like growing out a fringe when I suddenly got this weird, thrilling/terrifying feeling of standing at the edge of Grand Canyon, staring down the abyss, and I thought “WOAH WOAH, if you only realized  how amazing it is that hair fell together from the mess that was Big Bang, you wouldn’t be talking about growing a fringe right now O_O”. I’m kind of relieved that I didn’t say this out loud though. Even in a cloud of the sweetest alco-soda you could find I’m not going to go down that road. People still seem to think I’m growing weed for some reason, which I’m not, I’m way to lazy and paranoid for that kind of hobbies.

Getting settled in my new apartment. It’s so nice. I love it. Been busy getting essential things though so here’s a tiny-winy update.

I usually refer to people by the first letter in the name here in this blogthing. This is a bit difficult with my new roommates because they all have names starting on the letter E. I don’t think they really care about being anonymous on a blog that hardly anyone reads, but for simplicities sake, I’m going to refer to them here as E1, E2 and E3.

All my previous roommates have been irreplaceable in their own way, but these one are definitely getting off with a good start. E1’s sister in Spain is a doctor, and before E1 left for Sweden, the sister thought it would be a good idea to give her a lot of medicine that she might need if she got sick, because she didn’t really trust that the Swedish doctors would give her the right ones. Most of them were the ordinary over the counter type drugs, but there was also diazepan which is definately something you have to have a prescription for here.  E1 told me to take one if I felt “nervous about a test”. So basically the whole bathroom cabinet is filled with boxes upon boxes of free medicine. I don’t usually take pills when I’m sick (except for the occasional headache pill) because it’s so expensive, so “yay!”? 🙂

Speaking of free stuff, I picked up two free kettles today. I’ve been scourging the university’s billboard for ads of things people want to give away. I’ve gotten a lot of stuff for free and so far I haven’t picked up anything from the dumpster.

Things I shouldn’t laugh about.

This video about texting while driving. Sorry, but it’s just so painfully obvious how they’re trying to manipulate the viewers emotions in this one (esp. with the dead baby).

(texting while driving still sucks though)

There’s also this video about heroin, with a lovely demonstration of a woman in a kitchen who really doesn’t know how to properly make an omelette. Again, an important issue, but how many people who seriously consider taking heroin will stop and reconsider because a girl smashed an egg (y’know, except if they’re actually afraid that she’s gonna show up at their doorstep with a raised frying pan if they use).

I have to say this one is still more ridiculous. It’s an anti-weed ad which features a talking dog. I’m not completely sure what the idea was behind this.