I take way too many photos on my cell. A lot of them are from messing around with the different anatomical dolls and replicas from school.

1. This is my school flirt, the skeleton of Henry Cavill.With that jaw you could almost mistake him for Metroman!Photobucket
2. Me and the skeleton of Henry Cavill flaunting our love.Photobucket
3. This is my secret gay lover, Mira. She’s been parked out in the school corridor over the weekend and I don’t know why.

4. Mira’s O-face (lots of things happening off-camera in this shot).
5. Mira’s “aaah”-face.
6. Leaving Mira to rest behind that door in the corridor.


7. This is my personal trainer, the skeleton André. André has similar looks to Henry Cavill but lives in a different classroom.

8. This is the school’s whore house.
9. My adopted son, Montaug.

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