Vegetarian Poo Burger

Posted: June 19, 2011 in food, Just for the LOLs
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As if people didn’t already have prejudice against vegetarians as nutjobs who at weird food… researchers have produced a vegetarian steak containing human shit. LOVELY. The thing that I find most puzzling is that the video says the steak gets it’s meat flavour from the soy protein, which means the human poo just adds proteins to the dish and not taste. Soy protein is very healthy and nutritious, and so is tofu and quorn, so I fail to see why they felt they had to develop ANOTHER source of proteins when there already is several alternatives. The problem with artificial meat is the consistency and the flavour. I forgot some of the vegetarian food I was supposed to review in a refrigerator in Norrtälje, but all the artificial steaks I’ve tasted so far haven’t tasted at all like actual meat. Veggie meatballs are tasty, soy sausages and burgers are almost like the fabricated original, but ready-made steaks that taste decent are impossible to find. Some people are really good with vegetarian cooking and can do it themselves though.



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