Food Review: Vegetarian Salami

Posted: May 25, 2011 in food
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Vegan/Vegetarian slice-able salami from Topas.

This sausage (approx. 10 cm long) cost roughly $4 and was bought at a speciality food store in Stockholm. I’ve been a vegetarian for 1 ½ years, and avoided eating fake sandwich meat both due to the weird taste and to a stomach bug that occurred after first tasting them.

The main ingredient in this salami is wheat protein. The consistency is a lot a like real sandwich meat. It doesn’t taste significantly different from the slices of other fake sausages I’ve tasted before; like most of them, I think the manufacturers are way to liberal with the paprika. The paprika adds a nice colour to the sausage, and since most of the vegan/vegetarian brands promotes themselves as being organic and not using any artificial colours I can see why they choose it. Original salami and sausages in general doesn’t have any paprika flavour, and you wouldn’t be able to trick someone into believing they were eating real meat if you gave them this product.

I personally didn’t like the taste, but if you like the other fake sausage products you will probably enjoy this too. If any manufacturers are reading this, I urge you to stop using paprika and study the ordinary ingredients in salami more thoroughly. Like in my last food review, I think the product would be much better if they spent more time finding the right spices instead of making it look good.

Come back later to read my review about the snack sausage. Other things on my list for reviewing is vegetarian/vegan Chow Mein, chili snack sausage and beef jerky.


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