Food review: Vegetarian cevapcici

Posted: May 24, 2011 in food, photos
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Last Saturday I went on a mission to buy a lot of vegetarian fake meat-products that I hadn’t tried before. I’ve written about the vegetarian salmon and shrimps before, this time I’m going to start with the cevapcici. Cevapcici is a Bosnian dish made of minced meat rolled into tiny sausages. It shouldn’t be too difficult to replicate as  a vegetarian option, since there are a several good alternatives to minced meat to use as a base.

I bought a package of read-made Cevapcici from a store called Good Store in Stockholm. The brand is, as you can see, called Viana. Sorry for the blurry photo, I had to use my cellphone’s camera.

^ and this is what they looked like once I’ve fried them. I served them with some sallad, potatoes and a tomato-chick pea sauce.

The verdict: While they looked very tasty, I found that they didn’t taste much like cevapcici at all. Quorn, tofu and soy were all listed as ingredients, which I think was too much and made the pieces to dry. The packaging said that they would be hot, but I digress. I couldn’t taste any of the spices that you normally use on cevapcici. They weren’t all bad either, because they went very well with the sauce and the consistency was nice. On the backside of the package there is some serving ideas, one of which is serving it as a cocktail dish. I would recommend against it, because they’re too dry and need sauce to be appreciated. I think the manufacturers definitely spent most of their time perfecting the looks rather than replicating the taste of the original dish, which is something I’ve felt about their other dishes as well. A lot of the fake meat-products taste the same, but look impressively similar to whatever meat they’re replicating. I will try to make my own vegetarian cevapcici to see if I can do better than them.

Coming up next is reviews of vegetarian salami and a snack sausage.


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