A computer without Internet: A tale of primitive living.

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Personal Life
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Hello world, how I miss you.

I’m writing this from my laptop on a word document. If I’m right, it will be posted by Tuesday evening.  My train left 9:15 am this morning (Sunday) to Stockholm, where I took the subway to a bus that took me to a small town called Norrtälje. Norrtälje handicap center is where I will do an internship the upcoming two and a half weeks. I don’t know anybody here except my classmate who is doing the internship with me. She was the one who managed to get us two apartments to live in during our stay here, and I’m grateful for that, but she forgot to mention that we had to bring our own kitchen supplies… until we actually were on the train. Once we arrived, I bought a pot, a cup, 2 forks and 2 knives, which should be enough for me to be able to sustain myself until the weekend. I ate really healthy last week (pretty much only vegan health stuff) but I fear this week will cancel out whatever health 1-ups that I gained. Since I had to buy some kitchen ware I couldn’t afford much to eat (and it would be difficult to cook anyway since I only have one pot) so it’s tortellini and noodles until Friday. I can deal with that though. The thing which is making me question my sanity today is a sudden onset of Internet separation anxiety disorder.

This apartment doesn’t have any Internet. It shouldn’t be so bad because a) It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I browsed the world wide web, b) I can probably check my email tomorrow at work, c) my dad will send me a mobile Internet stick which will probably arrive on Tuesday. Even so, here I am pretending I’m writing on my blog and every 5th minute clicking on the firefoxbrowser absent-mindedly, forgetting that Internet no longer hides behind the icon’s warm, orange tail.

Norrtälje is strangely quiet. My apartment is on their campus, which looks a lot like a boarding school. There’s a very few people about, and unlike Stockholm and Linköping you can’t hear the sound of passing traffic in the background. Because I’m used to living with either a family or my roommate, and never by myself, I’m not accustomed to having a silent apartment either.  There’s no TV that I can turn on to hear some voices. There are just some birds chirping and the fan over the stove. Creepy.

Monday: I didn’t have time to use the Internet at work today. Too much new stuff to take in. Internet hasn’t arrived yet, so I’ve entertained myself by watching an episode of Criminal Minds and the pilot of Games of Thrones (I’m reading the book as well). The campus is still very quiet and I find it difficult to imagine people going to classes here every day.

Tuesday: Still no Internet, I’m worried it might have been lost in the mail. Here’s a funny thing: My mentor at the internship was talking about a method for stimulating the facial and oral muscles for therapeutic purposes. It’s done by using a pen sized thing that has a vibrating top, like an electric toothbrush. My mentor called these things… massage vibrators. A massage vibrator is a fancy name for dildo in my ears. She kept saying stuff like “We’ll issue out one massage vibrator to the mom so she can use it for stimulating her daughter” when referring to a training program for a toddler girl with CP. I cringed on the inside. I know that she probably documented them as “massage vibrator” when writing in her patient file. It seems like by some miracle she has never heard dildoes called “massage vibrators” before. D: When I had to mention these things out loud, I called them “massage pens”, which she seems to have thought was a better term for them, so I hope it’ll catch on.

Wednesday: Fuck. Still no Internet. Good thing I’ve gathered a lot of movies on my computer to watch. We helped lead a group for teaching signing to parents and grandparents of children with mental handicaps today. It was fun, apparently the sign for “baby bottle” is dangerously close to the sign for “sucking cock”… the more you know!

Thursday, 8 pm:

Captain’s log. Internet got lost in the mail. 5 days have gone since I was last able to browse the vast landscapes of the cybernet and I have sustained on whatever tiny crumble of connection I’ve been able to find; A quick email and facebook check from work and a 5 minute connection on my cellphone (that surely cost me more than all my calls and texts this month).  It was just enough time for me to untag myself from an unflattering photo of a drunk me that somebody uploaded. I’ve almost finished the Games of Thrones book, whoopee. It’s a good book but it takes energy to read. I’m visiting my parents in Stockholm during the weekend (yay, civilization) and will use the chance to restock my computer with new movies for next week (‘cause I’ll probably won’t have Internet by then either… damn).

Saturday: INTERNEEEEET. I’m at my mom over the weekend and borrowing her internet to get my hands on things to entertain myself next week, which I also fear will be internet-less.


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