College party ticket culture

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Personal Life, School
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My university has a noticeboard where students post ads if they want to buy or sell something. Before all the college parties, the board goes wild with people who wants to get a ticket to the party. If you stand in line to buy a party ticket, they cost around $12 but if it’s a popular party you’ve got to cue for like 4 hours or an entire night to make sure you get one. The longest I cued was 10 hours, and I had a class afterwards. Anyhow, tonight the notice board is overflowing with ads from people competing for tickets. It’s actually pretty fun. Some girls started posting ads like “Two really hot girls looking for some extra tickets!”, which made other student follow suit and post stuff like “Two hideous guys looking for tickets”, “Three completely normal massmurdering Fritzl-wannabes looking for tickets”, “It’s my birthday, PLEASE sell me a ticket”, “I lost my ticket while drunk and threw a potato at my friend’s ballsack, need a new ticket”. One guy is offering 400% the original price, which is just fucked up. A ticket just covers the entrance fee to the party area, and while I love our student parties it’s never worth paying 50$ for just getting in! WTH man.


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