Eu de humanity – Original art

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Art
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Digital art.

The concept is the essence of the human race being sold as a perfume. I think the most important things in this drawing are the different details. The model in the ad symbolizes hypocrisy. She’s a satire of award show celebrities, a beautiful woman who is at first glance publicly promoting charities (animal rights, ending wars, giving money to third world countries) but looking closer she’s wearing fur (the fox), her clothes are made by workers in sweatshops and her jewellery symbolizes blood diamonds. She’s representing people who put up a façade of virtues while being unwilling to give up the luxury that depends on other people’s suffering.

It’s a cynical piece which focuses on the negative sides of humans. It mocks the definition of “have humanity” and “be humane”.

Click on the image to see it in fullsize.


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