Posted: April 27, 2011 in Personal Life

Cindy’s going to the vet tomorrow.
I got a call from home saying my great-aunt is probably dying too. My paternal grandma was gone in Alzheimers since I was very small, so her sister (my great aunt) became kind of like my grandma. She doesn’t have any kids of her own. I’ve been nagging my dad to go visit her with me for ages but he’s always forgotten or stalled it. She’s schizophrenic and during the last few years she’s been very delusional, accusing my dad and his sister for stealing large amount of money when they were kids and similar. Now it seems like she’ll die without me seeing her for one last time. I feel partly guilty and partly just sad. I’ve pushed to get to see her, but a big part of me hasn’t wanted to because the way she is. I just want to end things on a better note.
I don’t know. Life sucks sometimes.


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