My sister called me at 4:40am this morning. She and some friends had taken a taxi to my dad’s place after being out clubbing, when she realized that she didn’t have any keys. My dad is still in Spain so there was no one home. I had to get up from bed, turn on the computer and see if there was any bus that would get her here instead. There wasn’t one for another hour, so she and one of her friends to another taxi to get here. I was awake until they arrived round 5:30 am to make sure they got here. ;’P Then I went to bed and slept until 9:30am.

I went shopping today and got two books, one by Scarlett Thomas (“Our tragic universe”) and My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor. I’m not sure why I keep reading Scarlett Thomas’ books. I thought “The end of Mr Y” was entertaining, and I like her characters, but I’m disappointed in the unrealistic and cheesy relationships they get into (and the things that happens because of these relationships). Also, she writes about homoeopathy as if it worked, which is a big minus. I otherwise like the plots and the characters personalities and backstories.

My Stroke of Insight was on my previous course literature list, but I didn’t get it until now. Our school doesn’t believe in telling us to buy 3 books and then making an exam based on these 3 books; they hand us 3-4 pages long lists of recommended reading and let us decide for ourselves which ones sounds appropriate. Since my internship at the stroke unit just ended, I can finally read some neurology just for fun and not for school.

I got another hole in my upper left ear. I now have *counts* 10 piercings on my body, if you count ears. The piercing guy helped me put in some new jewellery in the two upper holes in my right ear as well; it’s two ordinary rings. I used to have rods there, and they get in the way a lot because they’re so long. Me and piercer guy had a bit of a misunderstanding. He asked me to choose between two types of rings, one smaller and one bigger. I picked the bigger, and he tried to put them in and fumbled around a lot. It was quite painful at times. Eventually, after maybe 10 minutes, he told me that “I can put these in, but I’m going to have to push them through because it’s a 1.6 in size and your previous jewellery is 1.2. I can do it, but it’s going to be painful. Are you sure you don’t want the smaller ones?” When I picked the rings I hadn’t looked carefully so I didn’t realize he meant “bigger” as in thicker and not bigger radius. Ouchies.


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