Posted: January 30, 2011 in Personal Life
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A couple of my old Spanish roomies came over yesterday for dinner. We made some sort of pseudo-tapas; I had suggested it some days before, but when I was in the supermarket I realized I didn’t know what counts as tapas and what doesn’t. I ended up buying some traditional stuff like shrimps and chorizo, then improvised and got some ready-made vegetarian pies and pizza that we split into mini pieces. You can see some of the dishes in the photos. I think I might have accidentally eaten a small piece of pizza with meat on it, but I can’t remember tasting any ham. Anyhow, we were just 5 people and we had a loooot of food, which meant a lot of delicious left-overs.

We had…

Stuffed peppers, mushrooms fried in garlic, Spanish omelettes, fried asparagus, vegetable sticks + dips, tiny crostini shells, vegetarian “caviar”, feta cheese sallad, chorizo, shrimps fried with garlic, cheap parma ham and my attempt at hasselback potatoes.

We had a competition afterwards to see who could take a shot of fanta while standing on their hands. Erik won, Kike came second.



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