Cooking orange peels :D

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Personal Life
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Here’s a little look on what’s cooking in my place.

I’m making preserved oranged peels (basically you let them stand in a mix of sugar and water for several days while continuously adding sugar). I predict it they will be ready to eat next Wednesday or Thursday. After they are sugary enough, you let them dry and then dip them into melted dark chocolate.

  1. alicethefrog says:

    is it really as simple as that? I once read it involved a lot of slow simmering, changing part of the water, leaving to rest, adding sugar, more simmering, more changing of water, more adding sugar….

    • joosen says:

      My recipe is not exactly hard, but it spans over roughly a week. I’ve only spent maybe 10 minutes each day on it, so while it’s a slow recipe it’s not that time consuming. You just remove the sugar and water mix each day and add more sugar and heat it, then pour it back on the orange peels. I’m on the last day now, when you boil the peels together with the sugar water and some honey. So far it’s been pretty easy 🙂

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