Top 3 WTF stories today

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Findings (links), News
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1. Man rebuilt vibrator into bomb.

I like when insane people actually look insane. If we could tell who was a nut-case from their hair, it would make the world a little easier. I think this quote summons up the story quite nicely:

Lester, whose rap sheet includes domestic assault and drunk driving busts, allegedly was planning on giving the vibrator as a Christmas gift to one of three former girlfriends, with whom he had relationships that “ended badly.” The woman who contacted police said Lester told her that “when the device was inserted into the female he would pull the trigger and it would blow them up.”

I thought about a similar revenge for a guy once: A fleshlight with hidden mixer-blades that would be triggered once you put something inside of it. If I ever decide to start producing it, I’ll contact Lester for help.

2. Man is slowly turning into a unicorn!!!

But he’s doing it wrong! It’s supposed to be on your frontal lobe, silly. Actually, it doesn’t really look like a unicorn horn at all, more like a tiny gray pickle. But a girl could wish…






3. Cockroach found in woman’s anus.

Pff I’m 10. Seriously though. It’s an ALIVE COCKROACH inside someone’s bum. I didn’t think this was *that* gross until I read the comment section. Some posters claim that the bug was in too good condition to have passed through the digestive tract, so it can’t have been eaten, and it can’t have crawled up there since the muscles in the colon would have damaged it… which leaves the option that it was somehow inserted during the colonoscopy.

<– Image possibly fake. So far I haven’t found anything on Snopes.


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