Net Neutrality and reasons to be afraid

Posted: December 22, 2010 in News, Thoughts
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There’s always a lot of hysteria going on about infringement of free speech and free information. Usually  I react to mass hysteria by getting bored and annoyed by it fairly quickly, but when my favorite way to kill time is threatened I start to feel a bit uncomfortable. Swine flu? Meh, I’ll be alright. Terrorists? Oh well, shit happens. Limited Internet? BRB getting my little friend the kitchen knife and heading to the parliament.

The net neutrality debate is mostly limited to the US right now, but if it gets passed over there then it’ll definitely affect the rest of the world as well. If you’ve missed out on what it’s about, it’s in short a law about demolishing the current Internet neutrality and letting Internet distributors sell so-called “internet packages” similar to TV channel packages. You’re currently paying for a certain speed, like 1mb/s and getting access to every free site you want to visit, like youtube, facebook, wordpress etc. An example on what could happen if the net neutrality law disappears is that you get package deals for different Internet sites and every other site you try to visit will be blocked.This fake ad paints a pretty good yet depressing picture of how it could be like:

There’s already been some of this going on in Sweden. One of the biggest telephone providers, who also delivers Internet, has for example semi-blocked Skype because they don’t want the competition. That’s obviously a mild example of what they *could* do if they were allowed to sell a so-called “tiered” Internet.  It might sound a bit alarmist but I think it’s reason to be worried. Me along with a lot of people in my generation has gotten used to roaming the Internet and become almost dependant on it because of how boundless it’s been in terms of free speech and information. It’s however very clear that not only is there a lot of money to be made from controlling Internet, but also some governmental advantages that I’m sure you can think of.

If you think abandoning net neutrality is bullshit and I’ve managed to scare you with this post, go to and have a look around.

Sauce and sauce.


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