whine whine whine

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Personal Life

Whining post.

I have a head ache. Again. I’ve had it for a week, it comes and goes but has returned daily during the afternoons and evenings. I think my annual illness is coming. I usually get ill right at the start of Christmas break, probably because my body’s immune system is on hypermode during the terms because I don’t want to miss any classes. Anyhow, I’ve almost gone through a package of prescription-free painkillers this week, and I’m usually quite hesitant to take pills. I’m taking the bus up to Stockholm in a couple of hours and will arrive home roughly around midnight. My younger sister is apparently having a party while my dad is away, so I’m going to be asocial and put in earplugs and just hope I don’t have to get the kitchen knife. Do not want a bunch of drunk 17 year olds partying downstairs while I’m trying to sleep.


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