Seattle Real Life Superheroes

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Findings (links)
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I just read an article about real life superheroes in Seattle. I haven’t seen the movie KickAss, but I imagine that it is somewhat similar to that. Ordinary people in superhero costumes (I use the word *ordinary* in a very liberal sense, since I usually would not regard people dressing up dead serious in superhero costumes to be ordinary). They even have a website ( Why do I get the creeping feeling that I am somehow contributing to a guerilla marketing plan by linking you to that?

Anyhow, if you read their *about* page it seems innocent enough. The cynic in me questions why people can`t do good deeds without prancing around in nylon, but on the other hand it`s in a way like marketing good deeds – if you are dressed like they are, you are going to get seen doing them and perhaps selling the concept of doing good to others. I don`t know, I am too tired to think.


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