great heights

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Personal Life
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After a weird emotionally crazy day, climbing/exercise is pretty great to get some perspective on things and wind down.

I spent half of the day pissed off and frustrated, but then it turned around when I decided that I would go to Germany over New Years. Awesome! I know two friends who live in Germany (one ex-roomie and one friend who moved there to live with her boyfriend) and I might be able to convince two more people to go there with me. I’m going to Berlin and maybe Leipzig, the preliminary dates are 27th December – 3rd January.

Then I remembered that I had an exam the next day and I really should study. Stress! I had promised Nicolas and Oscar that I’d climb with them though, so we headed out. Oscar and I had to walk 6-7km to the climbing hall because the bus didn’t show up. But now I feel calm and slightly hungry again, and I really hope the exam tomorrow will go well.

I can’t wait to get away from Sweden just a little bit. 😀 Maybe they have some cool climbing halls in Berlin that I should visit.


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