Urine injection to loose weight? OH COME ON!

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Findings (links), News
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Oh, world ASSFAASFSFASFAASFSF.What the heck. Apparently some potentially upcoming winners of future Darwin Awards are injecting the urine of pregnant women into their veins to loose weight. There IS a pseudo-scientific hoogus-boogus explanation for this; the hormone in the urine is supposed to trick your body into thinking you’re with child and thus increase your metabolism. There are however several studies disproving this, but whatever, who needs evidence when you can get skinny fast. Although the weight-loss might be caused by the 500 calorie/day diet, Sharyl Paloni, pee injector, says:

“It’s an amazing thing. It really is. When I took a shot I was never hungry. I’m not hungry. I’ve learned how to eat better. I feel great and I truly believe that I will not put the weight back on,”

If someone injected piss into my veins I wouldn’t be hungry either, I’d be friggin’ naseus. DEAR GOD PEOPLE WHEN WILL YOU LEARN THAT THE BEST WAY TO INSTANT AND REMARKABLE WEIGHTLOSS IS BY AMPUTATING ONE OR TWO OF YOUR GODDAMN LIMBS? Really, what will these crazies do next? Excerice? Oh, surely noone is that crazy.


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