Posted: November 29, 2010 in Personal Life
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This has been my day so far:
10 pm Sunday, start cuing in school for tickets to a party.
~the entire night~ watched movies, played games, got a back ache.
8 am: tickets were released.
8:30 am: school for an hour.
9:30 am: back home, finally go to sleep after staying up all night.
2 pm: wake up, eat lunch.

I’ve never cued 10 hours before just to get a ticket to go to a party. It’s insane. We weren’t even the first ones in line; those people had been there since 7 pm. The tickets sell for $12 in the line, but last year people sold their tickets second-hand on the school’s online notice board for double that sum at it’s cheapest. People posted pleas to buy tickets for 3x the original price, and one dude tried to sell his for over $100. WTF? Where’s the student solidarity? Anyhow, I don’t really have any expectations for it to live up to the “hype”, but these parties are generally quite fun. The reason I bothered with cuing was just that it’s become a part of the student culture down here, and this year I’m trying to experience it a bit more than the last. I’ve been going out every weekend for the last few weeks, but this party will probably be the last one before christmas, since I have to focus on studying and passing my exams.

The sun has soon set outside. There’s been a snowstorm going on for the last few days, but for now there’s a clear, blue sky. It’s quite unusual that it’s this cold and this snowy in the end of November, which makes me a bit worried that the prediction that we’ll have the coldest winter in 1000 years might actually be true. I don’t think we had snow this time last year, and that winter turned out awful. If this one is worse than that, I think my only option is to hibernate until we get warmer weather. Global warming, hurry up!

V – webcam photos from cuing.

^wintery snapshots from the last days



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