the dramatic hospital non-drama

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Personal Life
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I blame my lack of updates on my ongoing internship. I have the time to write, but my brain just kind of turns to mush after lunch. I mix up which patient had what name, which patient file I’ve written, what I did during the therapy. Me and my classmate (we intern in pairs) finally managed to finish writing the patient files for our patients today. I thought that today might finally be the day we would get to go home earlier, but fate intervened. 😡 We had finished writing the reports around 3:30 pm and were going to print them. While walking to the printer, an alarm goes off  in the corridor beeping every 3rd second and flashing the letters “Bad Man” and “108”. Almost everyone on the staff in our department has either gone home or to a large meeting in a different part of the hospital. Me and my classmate had no idea what it meant, and I was slightly afraid that this was a code for a break-in and that there actually was a “bad man” in the hospital somewhere looking to kill some fresh interns. Luckily we found an occupied office with a SLP. She hadn’t heard the alarm, but she went outside and then started walking quickly to a different wing. She also told us to come along and asked if either of us knew CPR. You would have thought this story would have a very dramatic ending, but as it turns out “Bad man” did not mean “there’s a bad man here” or “a man is feeling bad over there :(“. “Bad” means “Bath” in Swedish, and was refering to the rehab’s indoor swimming pool area. I’m not sure what “man” refered to, it could be the men’s changing room, or an abbreviation of something. When we reached the swimming pool, everyone was fine. After knocking on the men’s room we found out that a man had accidentally set off the alarm, and the alarm hadn’t reached the staff in the swimming room for some reason. 😛

Anyhow, we went back to our office and tried to print those patient files we just written… only that they didn’t arrive at the printer like we wanted them to. This doesn’t sound bad, but if you think about it kind of is: patient files are very confidental, and you’re not really supposed to print them (they’re stored digitally at my clinic). We get to keep printed copies on the c0ndition that we censor names and social security number and throw them when we’re done in a garbage bin specially designed for confidential papers. The computer we used didn’t send us a print failure message, which could mean that the files were sent and printed in a different printer somewhere in the hospital. I didn’t think this was likely, but since we don’t want to get crap for it and some of the files contained very personal information, we didn’t want to risk someone unauthorized picking up the papers in a completely different part of the hospital. After checking a few printers in different rooms, I started to fear that we would have to stay the entire night looking for those missing papers. Luckily they hadn’t been printed elsewhere, we found out after some while that the filing system hadn’t registered the printer when we installed it on the computer. Anyhow, I’m starting to think it’s impossible to go earlier from this job. We get here fifteen minutes earlier basically every day and we’re still usually a bit behind on writing the files. ;P;P;P

Hopefully the update speed here will pick up after next week when my brain has recovered enough.


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