all work and play

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Personal Life
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I have something I’d like to put here about my first day of internship at the clinic, but I think writing about my first patients would probably in some way breach the confidentially law, even if I try to write around everything even remotely sensitive. :’P This is a general update about what it’s like though:

Working with kids doesn’t seem too bad at the moment, possibly because I’ve been able to play a lot of games with them instead of just testing. My mentor is pretty relaxed about evaluating the patient’s speech. With kids you can’t test them like you’d test an adult, they loose patience and get tired really quickly. Most of them are preschoolers, so you adapt the tests to be more playful. Sometimes they are too shy to say much at all, so we just pick out a box of toys and talk and play until they eventually respond.

The less fun part is getting up at 5:45 in the morning. When I was younger I was used to travel an hour to get to school, but since I moved I’ve been spoiled because I live so close to school. The internship is in a different town though. I go 8am – 4pm so I don’t have much energy left for the evenings.;P It’s more fun than I expected though so I think I’ll survive the next weeks.


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