Sundays were made for hangovers

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Personal Life
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It’s quarter past eight and I’m in bed with my laptop. Got home four this morning from a party. I partied economically which meant I got drunk at the pre-party and didn’t buy anything after we got to the club around 12, but even though I’m not that hungover from the alcohol I’m feeling slightly miserable from not sleeping enough and sitting still all day. I also overate rice and beans again so now my stomach hurt.

The party last night was a white night party, which means they got UV-lights that make white clothes glow. I have an Marilyn-styled dress that was perfect for this. My older sister bought it for her graduation, so it’s really old, but it still looks surprisingly good. The problem is that you can’t wear a bra under it because the back is very low-cut and it’s impossible to hide the bra straps. I went to an underwear store and got “freebra” which is nipple covers made from silicon. This was the biggest waste of money I’ve made this year. In their box, the covers looked very transparent, and the description for them said they were skin-coloured… which must mean I’m too friggin’ pale to be considered skin colored, because instead of hiding my nipples, the covers darkened them and made it seem like I had huge areolae. My nipples were more discreet when I wasn’t wearing them. I decided to go with a white scarf hanging down my shoulders over my boob area to cover myself up a bit.

Oooooh and I heard the best (read:worse) pick-up line in a long time that evening. I was with a friend who was buying a drink when these guys started talking to me in the line. One of them said this: “You see him there? *points* That’s my friend. He’s a really good guy, and it’s his birthday today. And all he wishes for is to motorboat just one girl! Will you be that girl?” Cue me: “Nooo D:” WTF?

I feel a bit guilty too because later, on the dance floor, I managed to insult a guy pretty badly… like, he stormed off the dance floor and didn’t come back… what happened was that me and two friends were dancing when he started lurk-dancing next to us. Some day I’m going to write a comprehensive guide to guy’s dancing patterns and what it all means (possibly in comic form). Anyhow, lurk-dancing is what I call it when guys dance nonchalantly next to you, and starts to move closer while seeming disinterested. In Swedish nightclubs, people usually don’t dance in pairs, but in the group you went out with. Everyone’s dancing individually, but you stand in a close circle. When a guy wants to dance with you, instead of actually asking whether you want to dance, he will lurk-dance closer to the circle until he infiltrated it. He will then usually dance for a while with the group, and gradually try to make eye-contact with his target and read her signals. He also often dances casually with some of the other girls before making a move. After that it gets just creepy. When he angles his body in the small circle towards you, you figure he’ll just dance a bit and then move on, but instead he cuts you off from the rest of the group and isolate you. This is why the save-me-waltz was created,- you’re supposed to make eye-contact with your friend and signal “getmeoutofhere” to which said friend will save you by taking your hand and dancing you away from the creepy guy. From my experience, when a guy blocks you from your dancing circle, it means that the dance you’ll do is most probably going to be slimy and end with him trying to make out with you. If you’re in the mood for it, then for all means enjoy it, but yesterday night I was absolutely not in the mood. The lurk-dancing guy had functionally managed to block me, and I hadn’t established the save-me-waltz-routine with these friends, so my eyes’ plea for help didn’t have any effect. My idea was to discreetly dance to the left and sneak past lurk-dancing guy. Unfortunately, he moved right when I was about to make my escape, and I sort of panicked and pushed him. Hard. Oups. I wonder if I could have dissed him in a more cruel way. To be fair, he completely misread my signals or didn’t respect them, because I really didn’t want to dance with him. I hope he wasn’t a insecure nerd who had tried to gather courage to dance with a girl or something, because then I might have totally crushed him. It probably didn’t make it better for him that my two friends laughed at him as he squirmed through the dancing masses to get away from me.

It was a fun night in the end though. 😀 The pre-party was very funny as well. We played a drinking game which I learned last year, which included improvising small songs for the other participants. I’m afraid that in the upcoming weeks I’ll be way too tired (due to the internship) to party, and so many of my classmates are going away to different cities during that period. Better get it out of my system until then.


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