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Posted: September 25, 2010 in Personal Life
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There’s something going on right now which is pretty bothersome. I won’t talk about it here because it isn’t about me, and I don’t think it would be right to talk about other people’s problems here. I feel pretty crappy about it though. I used to be much less sympathetic than I am today. A few years ago I acknowledged that other people had issues and I tried to do the right thing for them, but emotionally I wasn’t that involved. I would have felt guilty about seeing someone in pain if I didn’t do anything to help them, but other than that I didn’t react much emotionally.  I’m still not a bleeding heart of caring, but I DO care more about other people and I feel bad for them when they’re in pain. I’m afraid I’m still not good at being there for people though. I want to, but I’m not that good with feelings. If a friend ask me for a favour, I would do it, but asking me to be a shoulder to cry is just generally a bad idea to me. I always hope there’s someone else around who’s better at comforting, less awkward, and who can give better advice than me, because I SUCK. This time I’m not sure if there’s anyone else so I’m just going to try to not do too much damage. 😦


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