home-crafted cards from the mental asylum

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Art, Just for the LOLs
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I made a thank-you card to my driving instructor with a set of colored pens that I bought for roughly a dollar. It kind of looks like driving on drugs, but it was supposed to express my feelings on how confusing I thought driving & traffic was when I first started. On the inside there’s a green light and a note. I love making homemade cards but they always end up super- weird. I made one for Sofia when she left for Berlin, with her as a Moomin character in a fetish-version of the Moomindale, and when Jonas left I made him one with him surrounded by tiny, naked versions of himself riding a Dalecarlia horse (which in my defense was based on a real incident…).

My brain doesn’t really like categorizing this as “art”, but I haven’t got a “crack doodles” category yet on this blog.


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