Walking dead in Indonesia?

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Findings (links)
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No idea if this is real or not, but this photo is from this site, which says:

“Only in Indonesia (especially Toraja), a corpse is usually being carried up to the grave, but in Toraja, the corpse is woken up letting it tol walk to its grave (is rarely performed anymore)

The corpse is woken up using black magic. This is done because in Toraja the graves/cemetries is placed above limestones mountains.

The corpse walks by itself, and its guided by an expert in black magic behind it. But there is one prohibition, the corpse shouldn’t be appointed, once pointed, the corpse falls down and isn’t able to walk again.”

There’s a page on wikipedia about Toraja, which says that the town has very elaborate and expensive funerals, but nothing about walking deads (except the part about them believing that the soul lingers on in the town for a few days after death). Anyone who knows me know I love me some zombies, but also that  I’m a cynic… so either the photo and the story is fake, or there’s actually a ritual but the black magic guy is a total fraud. Either way, this sounds like kind of a cool funeral rutine that I could see myself doing if it was an option. One last zombie walk through a highly populated area with a lot of kids before the final rest.


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