Posted: September 10, 2010 in Personal Life
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My neighbours are being kind of scary. About 15 minutes ago there was a lot of noises going on downstairs, it sounded like doors being slammed, people running around, things falling to the floor. Me and Erik were playing Wii in the living room when we heard people suddenly starting to yell and among that a woman screaming, so we went out to the balcony to see what was going on. We considered calling the police in case there was some domestic abuse thing going on, but it seems to be something else because shortly after that, a whole gang of Serbs (I think they were speaking in Serbian) showed up and started arguing loudly with some others outside. No idea what they said. I yelled down from my floor and asked if they needed help or something but everyone ignored me. Some other people were out on their balcony to see what was going on. Anyhow, I was pretty close to calling the police on them in case it continued, but the Serbs started to lower their voices and speak more calmly so I decided not to. I hate to think it was some sort of domestic abuse going on (which was where my mind first went when I heard the woman scream), but in the end I guess I felt like I didn’t have enough reason to believe it was. I didn’t understand the language they were speaking so I couldn’t tell what it was about, but it seemed more likely that it was a dispute between those people than a domestic one, and since the arguing went down I didn’t feel like I had sufficient reason for calling the police. The woman stopped screaming pretty quickly too, whatever the hell that means… I really hate all those stories about women being abused, where everyone knows about it and does nothing, but thinking about it makes me realize that if the woman hadn’t screamed and it had just been all those men yelling, I wouldn’t be as bothered by it as I am… maybe it’s a bit sexist that I react stronger to the thought of a woman in trouble than a man, but whatever. It’s completely quiet now so I guess the gang went home. If something like this happens again though, I’m definitely calling the police just to check what the hell is going on and if everyone’s alright… or at least me and Erik will go down and ring the doorbell to check for ourselves (Erik is an MMA fighter. He’s pretty big and I guess if he tried he could look intimidating).

Hope everyone’s alright and having a great Friday.:)


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