Posted: September 2, 2010 in Personal Life
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I don’t think I’ve earned my high tolerance for alcohol. I drank half a bottle of tequila last night and I still wasn’t that drunk… feel hungover now though, and I had to get up at seven, ughhhh. We had group work in school and I had to improvise to hide the fact that I hadn’t studied much at all. I hate early morning classes.

I spend the day yesterday from 8 am to 4 pm building a giant bar for the mini rock festival that I went to later. I ended up not being there for that long because a friend got pretty sick after a while. I’m hoping that someone took a photo of it, so I can post it here later (edit: I mean the bar).

As I said in previous posts, I’m hazing the new students this week and the next… which means I have to wear my student overall every time I leave the house. College tradition states that the overall shouldn’t be washed more than twice during the education… which means it’ll smell lovely by the end of next week. Especially since I wear it when I’m biking (sweat), dancing (sweat) and drinking (beer).


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