(text from earlier today, posted as an insight to my life)

Oh, fuck. Typing this on Word since Internet is dead.

I’m hiding in my room because Vera is here. She comes here to drink all our wine and talk like a lunatic. Here’s a good thing about Vera: At least she’s not trying to hide the fact that she’s insane. She’s got either bipolar disorder or borderline; I can’t remember which at the moment. She’s also occasionally on amphetamines (or maybe always on amphetamines? Who the fuck knows…). She talks to me like we are friends although she’s around 40 and calls me stuff like “sweetheart”, “little darling” etc and it’s so annoying I want to smash my head against something hard. She’s gotten arrested before for trying to shoplift alcohol, looks constantly drunk or developmentally challenged, and stays for hours talking, talking, talking, way too rapidly and IT JUST NEVER ENDS. She also laughs high and nervously at everything she says. I feel kind of bad for her because she seems a bit lonely, but at the same time I just can’t be around her or I’ll say something mean. She’s really too much. I usually feel sympathetic with people who have mental issues since I deal with them a lot on a daily basis, but there’s “issues” and then there’s”ISSUES” with a capital I.

… so I’m bravely hiding away in my room with nothing to do but write this… the router is in the living room..


^ From earlier today. Vera left, then came back, then left again. I cleansed the aquarium. I’m completely exhausted now. Think I’m going to fall asleep on the laptzzzzzzzz…………..


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