Uncanny valley – The Telenoid aka Spermbot

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Findings (links)
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"The new Telenoid R1 was designed to appear and to behave as a minimalistic human; at the very first glance, one can easily recognize the Telenoid as a human while the Telenoid appear as both male and female, as both old and young. By this minimal design, the Telenoid allows people to feel as if an acquaintance in the distance is next to you."

El Sourco.

People jokingly call it spembot because they think it looks like a sperm-child-robot. I think it looks like a 5 y.o recovering from horrible, horrible burn injuries.

The term “Uncanny valley” is used in a lot of places these days. I didn’t really know where it came from until about a week ago when I looked it up on Wikipedia. The term was invented by a roboticist named Masahiro Mori, who probably based it of Ernst Jentsch’s and Freud’s theories of uncanny things.

Quote: “Mori’s hypothesis states that as a robot is made more humanlike in its appearance and motion, the emotional response from a human being to the robot will become increasingly positive and empathic, until a point is reached beyond which the response quickly becomes that of strong revulsion.”

  1. Tom says:

    thats the same creepy guy who made a robot of him self.

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