It’s a quarter past midnight and I’m up listening to Sounds of Science. It’s quotes from famous scientists to the tunes of electropop music… which works surprisingly pretty well. Have a listen:

And I’m starting to like my Dad’s new GF more. I met her first this Wednesday when she offered me some spare furniture for my apartment. Now she showed up pretty wasted at our home after accompanying my dad to a “cooking night” at some acquaintances place… oh, and she was alright with dating him even though her son though he was a serial killer (he blamed this on me, because apparently the son had snooped through his facebook profile, which says he’s a member of the group “fans of American Serial killers” which was something I sent to him years ago).  So far she seems more bearable than the others that was before her (not that I disliked them… they were just old and rather boring).

Going away over the weekend, so probably no updates for a while. If you want to be traumatised by something while I’m away, check out this Serbian movie called “Heart of Darkness”/”Srpski Film” (Just means “Serbian film” I think. Not sure if that’s the name).  Trigger warning here, don’t read if you are triggered by pedophila, violence, necrophilia and rape.

The main character in the movie is an ex-porn actor who has reformed and is living a normal life with a wife and a young son. Due to financial troubles he accepts to star in one last movie for a ridiculous amount of money (warning bells, anyone?). It turns out that the director is trying to make the “ultimate snuff-film” by taking poor people  and using them as “props”. The trailer is disturbing enough, although compared to “normal” horror movies it’s not so bad… but wait, there’s m0re.

OK, here’s a spoiler alert about some of the worst things that you didn’t see in the trailer that happens in the movie.

  • A girl gets handcuffed to a bed and then raped and decapitated… and the rape continues afterwards.
  • A man gets literally eye raped (which was a term I used as a metaphor in my last blog post, coincidentally). By that I mean, someone puts a dick in his eyes and rapes him until he’s dead.
  • A woman gives birth to a baby which is in turn raped as soon as it gets out of the womb. This is supposedly an analogy for the saying that if you’re born in Serbia, you’re “fucked from birth”.
  • And as someone else who watched the movie commented, despite the horrifying subjects shown in the movie, like torture, rape and murder, and despite the fact that female genitalia and asses are shown more often than not, the producer of this movie thought it was a good idea to just use dildoes instead of actual dicks. This would have been understandable if it was a case of the actors having trouble staying hard when they had to do vomit-inducing scenes, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s extremely fake looking dildos that you can tell from first glance is made of plastic

That’s all for tonight, have fun with your nightmares. I’m returning on Monday with probably something even more grotesque. BYEEE!


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