I’m not sure why you would want to do this but if you ever missed that feeling of browsing the webs while totally wasted and being unable to focus on anything because the screen won’t stop moving, here’s http://therevolvinginternet.com/ . Now you can experience a moving webpage without even a glass of wine.

Alsooo… I want to play this. I don’t have HL though and I can’t be bothered to get the time limited free version just to play it.

Oh, and here’s a bit of insight to my psyche. I just kind of assume that everyone in the world has some weird kink, especially guys for some reason. The longer I know them and the longer they don’t reveal a kink or fetish to me, the weirder I assume this kink/fetish is. Eventually I’m going to end up believing that the reason they don’t tell me is because it’s so weird and appalling that they are ashamed of themselves and fears being excluded from society if they told anyone. This ad on craiglist (which I’m pretty sure is fake, but still) could be one of those kinks, perhaps.

This may sound like an odd request, but I am looking for …a blobfish. I find them to be the most saddening yet erotic of all of the great creatures roaming the seas. I am looking for a woman (possibly a marine biologist *hint hint*) who isn’t afraid to know the blobfish in a biblical sense. Don’t worry about this being a bestiality thing, I just get highly aroused when I see a picture of a blobfish, and would very much so like to get that sense of ultimate pleasure from a real blobfish, sitting near me as I continue my loving. This will need to be a real and true relationship, as you just can’t take away something so majestic. I’m sure that, with the help of the blobfish, our love will flourish and become a beautiful romance of the deepest nature. (get it? because the blobfish is found in the deepest oceans.) Hopefully my dream woman with my dream blobfish is out there, searching for me.


  1. Sync'd says:

    http://www.google.com.tossover.com is Google in an animated rotation (spinning around, even works in IE) and has another 100 effects to play with.
    You can change to any website like https://joosen.wordpress.com.tossover.com/2010/07/15/blogfish/

    http://www.mirrorizer.com/elgoog/ (backwards Google)

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