cheese, crackers and ambulances among other things

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Personal Life
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My dad is away in Bulgaria this week, so I took the opportunity to have a wine and cheese night with two friends yesterday in his house. The cheese wasn’t my idea, but my friend D wanted to do something “mature”. I love that once you add cheese and crackers, it doesn’t matter if you got an entire shipload worth of hard liquor that you intend to drink, it’s still more ~*mature*~ and ~*sophisticated*~ than just sharing a 6-pack of beers with chips.

D is one of those people who can be quite rude and obnoxious when she’s sober, and she’s a tiny thing as well so whenever I drink with her I look sober and reasonable in comparison. Like, after a few glasses of wine and a home-made drink she kind of fell/lay down on my floor and yelled “Oh, I didn’t wet myself did I??” She also invited me to a threesome with a friend of hers who was there too. Both me and the friend politely declined. We had fun though. Around midnight we walked to a “nearby” lake (I thought it was quite far away) and went for a swim. Today I have a cold.

Oh, and I had to call the ambulance for a man today. He had a seizure and fell down some stairs and hit his head. I put my bag under his head, so I got quite a bit of blood on it, but the paramedics were kind and helped me wash it off afterwards with some sterile alcohol. Sadly the guy who was hurt stumbled away when they tried to put him on the stretcher,- he was pretty obviously an alcoholic and maybe he was on some other drugs as well. The paramedics told me that they couldn’t force him to come with them, but that it happened quite a lot that homeless people and addicts refused to go to the hospital, and that they (the paramedics) sometimes got 4-5 calls about the same person different times of the day because the person ran away and then collapsed over and over again. I hope he turns out OK anyway; he was completely out of it before the paramedics arrived, and head injuries can be tricky, especially when you drink a lot.


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