Bad ideas 1 – Party for the nearsighted

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Just for the LOLs, Thoughts
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Here’s an idea for something different: A party where only people with really bad eyesight is allowed. Glasses must be handed over before entering the party. It’ll be sort of like those dining in the dark-restaurants, except you’re dancing, drinking and socializing. This will be sort of like a dating event for nerds, a chance to find a partner who doesn’t immediately rule you out due to your looks before you have a chance to charm them with your personality. The ugliest guests will be matched with those with the poorest eyesight. People who are scared of embarrassment will be more open to dancing, thanks to the anonymity.

The event will be recorded for a reality show where people can laugh while nearly-blind-Andrew mistakes Beou-the-long-haired-LAN-nerd for a cute girl, and the scandal that arouses when the big pile of people on the floor who has tripped on each other turns into an orgy.
Sadly, groups like RNIB might have an objection to this concept.


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