secret plans of doom

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Personal Life
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I’m trying to go through with a secret plan of doom~

Well, maybe not doom, but still a secret plan which has required some extensive lying and hiding in my room doing mysterious, secret things while my family thinks I’m on facebook. Stage 1 of this plan has been achieved, but step 2 is a bit shaky. I’m going down to Linköping tomorrow for some preparations. Parts of this plan might have been foiled though. One of the keyplayers of stage 2 couldn’t reach me on my cell and called my mom and asked her to leave a message for me. She was confused, and now most likely suspicious… but she acts like she hasn’t figured out what I’m doing yet… even if she has, it’s going down on Monday, and if all goes well it doesn’t matter anyhow… mwoahahahahah? But I’m unsure what the odds are of stage 2 actually going through. Feels like 50/50. :S


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