vegetarian shrimps

Posted: June 16, 2010 in food
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I ate them for dinner, mostly out of curiosity. They didn’t taste bad, but the consistency was a bit freaky. I think they would be tastier if I cooked them like the deep fried shrimps they serve at Chinese restaurants.This time I only fried them with garlic and chili and ate it with rice. Dad accidentally forgot to wash his hands between chopping the chili and going to the bathroom to pee and thus got chili on places you do not want chili, hehe.

The place that sells these sell vegetarian/vegan salmon, lobster and squid as well. They don’t just imitate the taste either, they actually do a pretty good job at imitating the look t0o. My stomach feels pretty confused right now (or maybe I’m just nauseous). I think if they had a more distinct taste, I’d like them more, but now I was more weirded out by the fact that I ate something that looked like a shrimp, tasted mostly of chili and garlic, and had a consistency that reminded me of a snail.

Edit: OK, apperantely I’m on my period, so I can’t really blame the shrimps for the nausea. Unless, of course, I’m not at all on my period, but actually peeing blood, in which case I’m kind of screwed and will blame the shrimps without mercy.

I haven’t seen this in any store but I found it online… If I saw it I would probably buy it just to see how it tasted like.


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