Puppy throwing is just never OK :(

Posted: June 16, 2010 in News
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News: Student throws puppy at Hells Angels, flees in stolen bulldozer. But the puppy is OK.

I’m adding this to my folder of evidence that Germans as a people simply are insane, the whole bunch of them. My two ex-roomies, who were incidentally from Germany, might try to dispute that, but one of them sodomizes wooden horses and the other pretty much share my sense of humor (which isn’t really a sign of good mental health).

Also: You can now hunt animals without leaving the comfort of your living room!

Remote-control hunting originated in Texas, of course, and lets the hunters shoot animals through a rifle on a tripod controlled remotely over the Internet. The animals are tricked into the range of the rifle with food and then shot through the click of a mouse.

To end this post on a less misanthropic note, here’s a funny picture I had saved on my computer:


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